The Mothers Ball® Celebrity Guest

Tara Rudes

Guest Bio

Tara Rudes Dann is the Vice President, Head of Global Sales and Merchandising at L’AGENCE. A veteran in the fashion industry, Tara started her career in 1996 and worked at multiple labels before joining J Brand in 2005 founded by her family which revolutionized denim globally. She played a fundamental role in its success before joining L’AGENCE in 2014. Since then she has been apart of L’AGENCE turning into a global powerhouse.
When she’s not leading her team, Tara is involved in multiple charities including the American Cancer Society, Toys for Tots, AIDS Fund and Ambassadors of UJA.
Tara grew up in Roslyn, New York and currently resides in Manhattan with her husband Steven Dann, the co-founder of Monfrère and owner of Steven Dann boutiques. Together they have one son.


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