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Kesi Gibson

Guest Bio

Kesi Gibson is an independent strategic, business and financial consultant. Prior to this Ms. Gibson had a formal career in the Investment Banking arena, where she was an investment professional for the likes of Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, J.P. Morgan Alternative Asset Management; and Private Equity for Veronis Suhler Stevenson and Portland Private Equity.

She earned her BA in International Relations & Economics from Mount Holyoke College (Cum Laude), and MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. She is also an alumna of the SEO career program.

Beyond her accomplishments in the business arena, Kesi is a creative professional and founder of the ethical luxury fashion brand KYU BY KESI which translates to ” Progress By Kesi”; and CLUB DEBUT which is an end to end ecosystem that powers native sustainable and ethical fashion brands. The platform focuses on independent and emerging designers and creative professionals in the fashion value chain including visual artists, photographers, videographers, etc.

She has served on many boards and worked with numerous social purpose, impact driven NGO’s and non-profits including Clinton Global Initiative, Hult Prize, Changemaker Labs, Caribbean Odyssey, Womens World Bank to name a few. Kesi is a member of the prestigious New York Young Professional Leaders – an award given to 20 people every year by the office of the New York City Commissioner. She has formerly worked within corporate structures in the USA, UK & the Middle East, and independently in fourteen countries around the globe. She is fluent in both English and Spanish.

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KYU BY KESI Biography    

KYU BY KESI is dedicated to “Putting Humanity Back into Fashion.”
Fashion with a Human Touch is not just a tag line. It is a call to action and a mission that is inspired by Kesi’s Jamaican heritage, and her deep rooted belief that fashion should support, not harm, everyone along the value and production chain. The brand’s curation is Global. Kesi brings influences from around the globe to bear on her designs, creating fashion with a global soul. She currently partners with artisans in Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, India, Italy, Jamaica, Mali, Pakistan, Peru, Senegal, Turkey and Uzbekistan. Club Debut was born as a result of Kesi’s desire to share her platform with other independent designers who stuggle to create sustainable businesses and impact in the world through fashion and the arts.

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Club Debut Biography

Club Debut is a global resource platform designed to power native sustainable and ethical fashion brands across the product development life cycle.

OUR MISSION IS URGENT. It is to provide independent and emerging fashion designers, who are creating the sustainable brands of the future, with all the tools that they need in one ecosystem, making sustainability possible and profitable. This includes: access to established sustainable supply chain, ethical manufacturing, emerging technology application (for transparency and tracking), content production (photo, video, studio, multi/mixed reality), marketing, events, and pop-up retail.

OUR PURPOSE IS CLEAR. We have two main objectives: 1) to remove the friction created by lack of, or sub-optimal access to parts of the life cycle that create enormous cost and operating burden for capital constrained independent and emerging designers desiring to embrace sustainability. 2) provide the virtual and physical space for creative professionals across the life cycle to convene, co-create and collaborate, thereby feeding a sustainable ecosystem that supports all creative professionals in the value chain.

We believe that, with access to capital and resources, native sustainable and ethical brands have a significant competitive advantage when it comes to sustainability, and will be the mainstream brands of the future. Visit our website to learn more.

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